An Adventure With No Finish Line

An Adventure With No Finish Line

After completing my summer internship in New York City I’ve shifted my focus to studying abroad in Sweden. I took my last weekend in New York to think about what this opportunity means for me. Starting anew in Stockholm means both unknowns and opportunities- and I’m excited for them all.

Can’t wait to see where this year takes me!

I’ll be living in the Outdoor Adventure Living and Learning Community (LLC) in the Sollentuna municipality. Surrounded by parks and a bay, this LLC is a sweet relief from Manhattan’s crowds and skyscrapers. The nice 45 minute bike ride to my classes is a welcome change from packed Manhattan subway trips. I hope to form great relationships with my 9 new neighbors as we explore Stockholm together. As an outdoor-lover, I’m very excited for kayaking and caving with my LLC, and an arctic circle trip in November. I’m grateful for the built-in travel breaks, and plan to maximize each one. I’ve begun practicing Swedish and German, and hope be conversational in both before long.

As an outdoor enthusiast and athlete, most of my endeavors have goals: a peak, vista, or victory. The excitement comes from pitting myself against others and myself. The excitement of my semester in Stockholm is the unknown: What I see and do is not planned. I don’t know who I will meet and what memories we will make. And I’m unsure what I’ll discover about myself. Getting the most out of this year means opening myself to all possibilities. Accepting challenges and unfamiliar activities will help create an experience sure to differ from my expectations. This is just the start of a year sure to be full of adventures, great people, and pushing boundaries. Here’s to a year of embracing opportunities!






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