3 Adventures: And 1 more!

The past couple days were filled with little excursions to break up my routine, and the three big ones I mentioned last post. On Tuesday night, the Outdoor Adventure LLC went kayaking in Hagaparken. It’s a huge swath of green space and calm water in the city, and a great way to unwind. This large city park houses Princess Sofia’s house (we saw her private boat!). We buddied up and spent the evening on the water, catching a beautiful sunset. Being on the water was also a great way to find my own space and reflect, a practice I’ve come to chreish over my 9 years of Quaker schooling.

Mesmerized by the sunset, roughly 8pm.
Yours truly, taking in the serenity

I also toured Sweden’s Parliament building(Riksdaghuset) with my Global Monetary Policy class. This was my second Wednesday afternoon field study at DIS, and we had a private tour of the building. Sweden has 349 national representatives for just 9.9mn people! (for comparison, the U.S. has 535 representatives and senators for over 325mn people). The representatives split their time between their own provinces and Stockholm, and the Prime Minister lives across the street. I was shocked at how little security surrounded the grounds as compared to Washington D.C., the Prime Minister’s house is not behind fences and is rather ordinary. Another little fact was that the Parliament building used to be Sweden’s central bank, founded in 1668, the oldest in the world!

A Parliament chamber, adorned with murals and intricate woodwork

Last but certainly not least, an update on my half-marathon training. Edsviken Bay, roughly 0.5 miles from my dorm, is a great training area. I discovered some great picnic areas with grills right on the water, a must-return for an afternoon with our dorm crew. I’ve done afternoon and evening runs, and the open water and woods keep morale high. In exactly 1 week my two friends and I will pick up our race bibs- race day keeps sneaking up on me! Having never done a half-marathon, I still have a two long training runs around the bay before next weekend. But I’m stoked for the chance to explore Stockholm on foot, in-front of large crowds and supported by my friends. Rest assured, there will be plenty of food afterwards!

Edsviken Bay: Beats a treadmill any day


And the bonus adventure: Our dorm is going on a camping trip this weekend to Tyresta National Park. Surrounded by a nature reserve, the area is one of the largest untouched stretches of forest in southern Sweden. We’ve gathered all the requisite supplies from our Outdoor LLC storage room, and are looking forward to a full two days with hikes, swims (?), and definitely s’mores. It’s our first unguided nature excursion, and sure to be a great time. Until we return!

Next up: Camping adventure recap, and stories from my City Bike tour of Stockholm (I haven’t told any of my friends yet, but I’m sure I’ll find someone willing to get lost with me)

The cinnamon rolls weren’t all for me, but they sure were good!

I’m also adding a weekly food picture to my posts, and borrowing this week’s picture from my instagram (lowe_m, please follow!). First up, Fika in Gamla Stan across the square from the Nobel Museum.



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