A Random Bike Down Djurgården

Two very unique adventures: A weekend at Oktoberfest in Munich, and a great evening bike ride through Stockholm.

Oktoberfest: Last Friday I flew to Munich to meet some Tulane friends at Oktoberfest, where we camped in outdoor tents along with hundreds of other travelers. Billed as a hostel, we met some wonderful people over our communal breakfasts the morning of the opening ceremonies. Oktoberfest is much more than beer: The origin was a royal wedding in 1810, open to the public of Munich and culminating in horse races. The races were repeated the next year, and the festival now hosts 6 million people.

20170916_113221 (1)
Horse-drawn floats ring in the 183rd Oktoberfest!

We had a great time exploring the brewery tents and trying typical Bavarian food (probably ate my weight in bratwurst and candied almonds). The tents were spectacular, full vibrant colors and live bands. I even found a box reserved for the Huber Family, my mom’s maiden name! We spent most of our time in the Löwenbräu tent, but each tent had a unique flair. After a full 36 hours at the festival, I took Sunday afternoon to explore Munich before catching a midnight flight back to Stockholm.

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Bike Ride Through Djurgården: After a full 6 hours of sleep, it was back to school and exploring the city. Wednesday afternoon I took a City Bike (my favorite way to get around most cities) down a main avenue to Djurgården, a beautiful green area with views of Gamla Stan. The park was filled with green trees, quaint paths, and even horses! I stopped at Rosendals Trädgård, a sustainable farm-table concept with a cafe, orchard, and outdoor seating lounge. Alas, I had places to see, but the garden is right up my alley and I will be back for lunch soon.

The Greenhouses of Rosendals Trädgård, enclosing the cafe and boutique

From the parks of Djurgården I got terrific views of Gamla Stan over the water. I rode across wide avenues back to the old town, where I returned the bike and walked to a subway station.

I’m trying to fill my afternoons with little adventures like this, stopping at neat restaurants and streets to pick up ideas for future visits. I had never heard of Rosendals Trädgård, and my aimless bike ride showed me this great place. I really believe the best way to discover a city is through aimless wandering between two points of interest (my blog’s namesake). City Bikes are a great way to do this, and I highly recommend anyone visiting Stockholm in the next several weeks take advantage of them.


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Next Week: Outdoor LLC Camping weekend, and even more weekday adventures.


My appetite says yes, my basic cooking skills say no way. Until I see this on a menu…

Food Pic: Elk leg! I found myself near Östermalms saluhall, a famous food hall founded in 1888. This upscale market has everything, from seafood and elk to pasties and chocolate. While expensive, all the food looked and smelled amazing. Renovations to the original building have moved the saluhall across the street from its original location, but the modern market retains an impressive atmosphere. Worth a visit!




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