About Michael

I’m a 21-year old college student with passions for the outdoors, great food, and exploring new places. I live in New York City, attend college in New Orleans, and grew up in San Francisco. I’ll be spending this year based out of Stockholm and Madrid as I study abroad. I hope to work in impact investing or conservation finance after school, but I truly love travel, fitness, and the outdoors.

A 3,000+ mile cross-U.S.A. road trip in middle school sparked my urge to travel and experience the places around me. I’ve always loved sports and fitness, and the great outdoors. I integrate these passions into my travels, and find getting lost on long runs the best way to learn discover new places. I try to find countries and areas with culture and natural beauty preserved from commercial tourism. I enjoy learning about how daily life is different across the world, from the customs and food to the technology and architecture.

I like packing light and getting around by cycling, hiking, running, and getting lost. I find combining fitness with travel keeps me energized (and builds an appetite!). I also try to push my personal limits by doing things that scare me and trying new food. I’ve eaten alpacas, alligators, whale, and enjoy trying local specialties. Travel has the power to teach me about myself, and I use it to challenge myself and gain self-awareness.

I’m starting this blog to share my journeys through Europe, especially the natural beauty and amazing foods across the continent. I plan to continue sharing my adventures after I return to college at Tulane University in New Orleans. I hope my stories inspire others to learn more about other cultures and stretch their own boundaries.

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